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"When danger gets in the act, lives can go up in smoke!"
— Tagline, from the front cover

Murder by Magic is the 98th book in the The Hardy Boys Casefiles series.

Plot summary

The Hardy boys have signed on as stagehands for Legerdemania -- the annual extravaganza showcasing the world's master magicians. But this year's spectacular proves to be a killer. Gideon the Great's assistant, Miranda, was supposed to do a vanishing act. Instead she ends up dead...and the murderer disappears.

The competition onstage is fierce, and Frank and Joe soon discover that just about every magician has a motive for murder. And determined to avoid exposure, the real killer is more than willing to perform an encore. The Hardys will have to come up with some hocus-pocus of their own, or they might end up victims of the dirtiest, deadliest trick of all!


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