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Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys Super Sleuths! is a spin-off book of both The Hardy Boys Digests and Nancy Drew Digests, that contains seven short stories. It was published in 1981 by Wanderer Books, an imprint of Simon & Schuster, produced by the Stratemeyer Syndicate. This, the first meeting between the Hardy brothers and Nancy Drew, was popular and in 1984 a sequel was published.

Plot summary

From The Back Cover [1]

Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys are together for the first time! In this special volume for young readers, Nancy, Frank, and Joe combine their fine sleuthing talents to solve these seven intriguing mysteries!

Join them as they hunt down the elusive criminals through "The Mystery of the Interlocking Maze", and six other thrilling adventures in this original collection from reading and gift-giving!


  • Mistaken Identity
  • The Pirate Cove Treasure
  • The Armored Lady
  • The Interlocking Maze
  • The Bank Robbery Puzzle
  • Clue in the Chimes
  • The Secret of Mountaintop Inn


  • The Secret of Mountaintop Inn first appeared in the December 16, 1980 issue of Family Circle magazine as Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys Solve A Christmas Mystery
  • According to the back of the book, The Interlocking Maze was originally going to be titled The Mystery of the Interlocking Maze.
  • The cover artwork is made from reused Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew covers. The picture of the Hardy Boys was taken from the 1981 Wanderer released book The Four-Headed Dragon and enlarged. The background and Nancy Drew were taken from the Nancy Drew book The Twin Dilemma and enlarged and flipped (on the original cover, Nancy was on the left hand side of the book, here she is on the right).


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