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Nigel is Kanika Khan's bodyguard.


Nigel goes to speak with the foreign minister. He returns and tells Mrs. Khan that he has agreed to her terms. She then asks Nigel to inform Gloria of their return to Bridgeport. He questions if she’s recovered her property yet. Khan replies they’ll know when she finds it and that how bad things get will depend on more than just Gloria.[1]

Nigel informs Mrs. Khan that Victor Nabokov is dead. He supposedly died within the last two months. While Kanika never met Victor, their fathers were great friends. Unfortunately, there’s been no news about his piece of the Eye. Mrs. Khan informs Nigel how she called the Tall Man, who assured her he could get the Estabrook piece, but mentioned how he would have to go against the Nabokovs to get it. So, if Victor has been dead, she questions who has been running the Nabokovs' affairs.[2]

While resting in her hotel room, Nigel and Mrs. Khan start feeling light headed. Within moments, Mrs. Khan is unconscious. JB Cox enters and Nigel can barely stand after he filled the room with gas. Nigel swings at JB but the gas has rendered him unconscious as well. With Mrs. Khan incapacitated, JB steals her piece of the Eye. He later accompanies her to Gloria's, where Mrs. Khan reveals that her piece was stolen.[3]


Fun facts and trivia

  • Nigel does not exist in previous adaptations. He is a character created specifically for the series.