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"No Getting Out" is the eleventh episode of season one of the 2020 Hulu original series The Hardy Boys.


Official episode premise for "No Getting Out" from Hulu:

The town of Bridgeport is put under curfew with Joe and Biff missing. Frank realizes they must have gone looking for the Chamber of the Eye. When Frank asks Gloria for help finding the Chamber, Gloria doesn’t know anything about an entrance to the old, sealed, mine tunnels so Frank must turn to Stacy for help. Frank lets Officer Jesse Hooper in on their investigation, and the boys find themselves in more danger than they’d expected.

Plot summary

Joe and Biff fall down into a mine shaft with no way back up. They realize the area they’re in isn’t marked on the map and decide to explore.

Jesse is frantic as she begins to fear the worst. She suspects that Biff is with Joe since they’ve been inseparable since the Hardy boys arrived. Jesse suspects that Joe is doing something he shouldn’t be doing and has Biff with him. Trudy comes to Joe’s defense, reasoning that it’s not Joe’s fault that he finds himself in the predicaments he does. Frank arrives, but he doesn’t know where Joe is either. Jesse storms out but not before telling Trudy to call her if she hears anything.

Frank rushes upstairs in the attic and radios into Joe and Biff but doesn’t get a response. He returns downstairs and tells Aunt Trudy that Joe went to Demon’s Paw to destroy their piece of the Eye. So, the two of them drive out to Demon’s Paw and call out to Joe and Biff, but they don’t respond.

Frank meets Callie and Phil at Wilt's Deli and tells them that Joe and Biff are out at Demon’s Paw. While the mines have been sealed shut for years, Frank believes they may have found another way in. Chet joins them and Frank reveals that his brother and Biff are trying to destroy their piece of the Eye. Chet suggests that they check the old farm’s on the way. Frank apologizes to Chet for not calling him, as he didn’t know if he would come after his breakup with Callie. Chet replies that he would do anything to help Joe.

Jesse has the entire Bridgeport Police Department out looking for Joe and Biff. They’ve been missing for approximately three hours. Chief Collig offers to contact Grisham police to see if they can lend a hand. Trudy arrives and tells Jesse that Joe and Biff most likely went out to Demon’s Paw.

Frank tells Gloria that Joe is inside the tunnels at Demon’s Paw. He then reveals that they found the key to her father’s study. Gloria enters the study for the first time in decades. She is overwhelmed with joy. Gloria suspects that whatever Joe found in the study sent him into the tunnels. Frank reveals they took a map with ley lines and George’s journal. Frank questions if George had a secret entrance to the tunnel. Gloria isn’t sure, anyone who would know is either dead or working against them.

Biff tries to radio for help, explaining that she fell down a shaft west of Demon’s Paw mine, but she can’t get a signal out. Joe checks her book bag for supplies, but he doesn’t find anything of use. While Joe may not have told Frank they are going out to the mines, he’s certain his brother will figure it out. And when he does, he’ll tell Biff’s mom.

JB sits in his motel room waiting for the Khan piece to show him something. It gives him a brief glimpse of the future, allowing him to get the upper hand on Stefan when he breaks into JB’s room. JB hits him over the head with a lamp and handcuffs his hands. JB explains to Stefan his plan to steal all three pieces of the Eye for himself. Stefan warns him that many people have died for the Eye, but JB doesn’t seem concerned.

Frank and Gloria arrive at Anya Kowalski’s shop. She’s pleased to see Frank again but isn’t nearly as welcoming to Gloria. They need her help. Anya always wondered what she would say to Gloria the day they ever met, as it was her father's expedition that led to the Estabrook's becoming as wealthy as they are. She also makes it a point to say that she and her mother were forced off their own land many years ago by George’s bank. Gloria admits that her father was manipulative and deceitful. And when he died, she carried on as if she learned nothing from his wicked ways and apologizes to Anya.

The batteries in Biff flashlight are dying, leaving them without light or food as Biff only has three pieces of gum to offer. Joe asks how long do they have to wait before Biff’s mom starts a search. Biff believes that she’s probably already started. Joe apologizes for getting her into this predicament, but she says that she chose to go with him. The two of them then proceed to trace back each and every action they’ve made to determine who’s really to blame.

Anya agrees to sit down with Frank and Gloria and asks what Joe is looking for in the mines. Frank claims that Joe is simply curious and asks Anya if her father ever mentioned there being another entrance to the mines. Anya explains that from the moment they started digging, each man wanted their own entrance because they did not trust one another. Anya’s father was supposed to be the leader of that expedition but he was just being used. Gloria inquires further and is willing to pay for more information. Anya is insulted and accuses Gloria of being like her father.

Joe uses a knife to pry off one of the wood planks on the wall. He stops when Biff tries using the roots to climb back up, but the roots are weak and she falls to the ground. It’s then that they notice a blocked off tunnel behind the wooden planks that Joe was just trying to remove moments before.

Frank shows up at Stacy’s and tells her that Joe and Biff are missing. He knows the original miners made their own separate entrances to the mines and asks Stacy if her grandfather, Sergei Nabokov, did. Stacy’s father always told her never to trust anyone from the Circle, so if she tells Frank, he has to promise never to let his grandma know. Frank promises, and Stacy reveals that her father built a storehouse by the mines and said that it was a front to cover up the entrance.

Joe and Biff remove the wooden boards covering the tunnel and proceed further inside as Joe explains that the piece wants to go further.

Chief Collig announces a curfew for Bridgeport. They’re conducting a search for Joe and Biff, and until they are found, Collig explains that they don’t want any extra bodies in their way. Trudy and Jesse confront Collig, as they believe they need as many people as possible on the lookout. Chief Collig says that while they search their side of the Demon’s Paw, Grisham will search their side. They also have a chopper coming in from Dixon City. He surmises that Gloria called a few favors in.

Biff reads an excerpt from George’s journal: “This fragment whispers to me. If I strain to listen, I can hear a lucky word here or there. But it is a taunting reminder of a deafening roar of the Eye in full.” Joe admits that his great-grandfather is right about the feeling one gets when in possession of the Eye. Biff says that she felt something as well when she hid it at the school. When it’s in one piece, it’ll grant the user the knowledge to get what they most want.

Frank blames himself, as this is a recurring theme for Joe. Whenever Frank doesn’t listen to him, he does something reckless. Frank explains that he didn’t listen to Joe because Joe wants to destroy the Eye but Frank doesn’t. Frank then tells Callie about his plan to find the tunnel created by Stacy’s family. While he doesn’t trust her, she did tell him where to look.

Joe admits that they could’ve planned this trip a little better as Biff initially stated. She then tells Joe that following the piece of the Eye as he’s doing isn’t a good idea, but he agrees to disagree. Joe then proceeds to crawl through a small tunnel and land on top of a rat infested corpse.

Frank and Callie go to the Nabokov storehouse near the mines in search of the entrance to the tunnels. Callie questions which side Frank is on. Eventually, he’ll have to choose between Stacy and his grandmother. He’s thought about it but hasn’t come to a decision. Callie then finds the entrance into the tunnels but it’s locked and can only be unlocked from the inside. Frank then tries to radio in to Joe and Biff, but they don’t respond.

Biff wants to go back to the mine shaft and wait for help after finding the corpse, but Joe seeks to continue to the Chamber of the Eye because he won’t get another chance to destroy the Eye. Biff says that he doesn’t even know if he can destroy it, but Joe retorts that he at least has to find out. Biff suddenly reveals to Joe that she’s adopted. And her mom doesn’t know that she started looking into it. She wanted to know who her dad was and found out on her own. But she didn’t like what she found. She was obsessed with finding out a secret that she didn’t want the answer to. She fears that Joe will be subjected to the same outcome, but he refuses to turn back now. And so, he and Biff part ways. He continues to follow the piece towards the Chamber of the Eye while she returns to the mine shaft they fell into.

On his path to the Chamber of the Eye, Joe hears Frank’s muffled voice over the walkie. Joe’s just beneath Frank and Callie. Frank tells Joe that there’s a door approximately 50 feet away from them and that he can guide Joe in the right direction. However, Joe has to first go back for Biff.

In yet another disguise, JB returns to Wilt’s, orders a slice of pie, and makes friendly discussion about the old ways and how the world has evolved. JB claims that he’s thinking of moving to Bridgeport and manipulates Wilt into telling him about the Nabokovs and their address.

Joe finds Biff and takes her back to where he just was. He radios back in to Frank, who tells them to walk and talk at the same time. He guides them to the door based on the strength of their signal. Joe tells Biff that he’ll take her to the door but that he’ll continue on his path to the chamber. Frank tells Joe that he’s coming out with Biff and that he doesn’t care about the Eye anymore. Whatever they choose, they’ll do it together. Joe and Biff then come across the door. Callie and Jesse arrive just as Joe picks the door open and he and Biff escape. Jesse demands to know they truth or else she’s going to arrest them.

So, Frank and Joe take Biff and Jesse home and show them their investigation board, detailing their mother’s murder and their investigation so far. Trudy reveals that she only found out a couple days ago and apologizes for not telling Jesse sooner. Frank and Joe are certain that the Circle won’t allow for this to hit the news so that they can continue to move in secrecy. Jesse remarks that anyone connected to the Circle of the Eye will be impossible to investigate. The only thing they know for certain is that Chief Collig was buying the idol from JB and that Collig later arrested JB, but he was never brought into the station. Jesse suggests dropping all the evidence they have on Collig on his desk, but doing that would alert him of their investigation, Joe points out.

Chet and Phil head back to Wilt’s after a hay bale rolled over Chet. Chet offers to buy Phil a milkshake after he saved him back at the farm.

Stefan returns to the Estabrook estate and reports back to Gloria in George’s study after failing to retrieve the piece of the Eye that JB stole from Khan.

JB breaks into Stacy’s house in search of the Nabokov’s piece of the Eye. He is first attacked by her “aunt” with a baseball bat, but JB counters the attack thanks to his piece of the Eye. But due to their piece of the Eye, Stacy and her “uncle” sneak up on him from behind, take his stone and beat him.


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  • Gloria to Anya: My father built his fortune on manipulation and deceit, earning what he did at the expense of other people. And when he died unexpectedly, I'm afraid I... I carried on as if I'd learned nothing from his wicked ways. I'm so... I'm so sorry, Ms. Kowalsky.
  • Stacy to Frank: I never knew my grandfather. But my father built a storehouse by that mine. He... He said it was only there to cover something up. Maybe that's the entrance you're looking for. [...] I'm here to break the circle of The Eye, not to follow in its path.
  • Geroge Estabrook's Journal entry: This fragment whispers to me. If I strain to listen, I can hear a lucky word here or there. But it is a taunting reminder of a deafening roar of The Eye in full.