No Mercy is the second book in the Operation Phoenix Trilogy and 65th in the main Casefiles series. It was published in July 1992 by Archway Paperbacks (an imprint of Simon & Schuster).

Chapter 1

"We have to find the people who were responsible for Dad's death - and make them pay"
— Frank Hardy[1]

"You know, big brother," [Joe] said, "you did something earlier that surprised me."
"What was that?" Frank asked.
"When I flew off the handle back at the police station and tried to clobber Jellicoe," Joe said, "you didn’t try to stop me, as you usually do. You didn’t tell me that I had to play by the rules."
"Rules?" said Frank, his eyes taking on an intensity Joe had never seen before, an intensity that sent chills down Joe’s spine. "What rules? These guys killed our father. This time there are no rules."[2]

Chapter 12

"A secret door!" Joe said.
"We haven't seen one of these in, oh, several months," Frank said.[3]


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