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Operation: Survival is the seventh book in The Hardy Boys Undercover Brothers series. It was first published in December 2005 by Aladdin Paperbacks (an imprint of Simon & Schuster).

Plot summary American Teens Against Crime (ATAC) sends Frank and Joe Hardy to investigate a string of injuries and deaths at a camp for Troubled Teenagers. In such an environment there are no shortage of suspects.

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The book starts with Frank and Joe trailing a blackmailer, nicknamed Blondie Blackmailer by Joe, on the Outer Limits trail.

Back home, they receive a mission disk in pizza delivered by Vijay Patel. The mission is to investigate Zack Maguire's death at a rehab camp run by Linc Saunders, a former jailor. Their identies for the mission are Steve Neemy (Frank) and Brian Moya (Joe). They are escorted to Camp Wilderness(the rehab center) by 2 cops. Linc Saunders then meet them and together with another girl, ms. hanks are welcomed to the camp by a ton of rules. Will Smiley, a camp counsellor and the hardys bunk commander, takes them to their bunk to meet Ken Purcell, Russell Barbour, Andrew, Charlie, James and Tim and Joe immediately gets into a fight with Rusell


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  • Bayport
  • Dead River
  • Kennebec River
  • Markham High
  • Moosehead Lake
  • Outer Limits

Businesses and organizations

  • Bear Mountain Skiers
  • Camp Character
  • Camp Wilderness


  • International Scale of Difficulty

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