Oscar Smuff
Biographical information
Hometown Bayport
Occupation Private Detective
Physical description
Gender Male
Appearances The Hardy Boys #1 The Tower Treasure

Oscar Smuff is a private detective based in Bayport. He is often to be found playing up to Chief Collig, trying to earn a place on the Bayport police force.Everyone refers to him as a so-called detective.[1]


Blissfully unaware, or unwilling to admit that his own detective skills are vastly eclipsed by the Hardy boys', he's often quick to offer them unhelpful advice on the case at hand. At one point, allowing them to watch him at work, he interprets a banal conversation between two workers about sports and sandwiches as a coded discussion of a sabotage plot. However, the boys had to feign agreement with Smuff at one point in order to help their father, who was taking a flight to Albany at 6 o'clock, and warned that if Smuff goes too, that could cast suspicion. The Hardy boys work with Smuff, only for him to realize he missed his flight. Frank coolly responds, "No problem Mr. Smuff, there is a 7 o'clock flight to Albany". [2]

Physical description

A short, stout man, he often dresses in a checkered suit and soft felt hat.[1]


The Hardy Boys #1 The Tower Treasure
The Hardy Boys #6 The Shore Road Mystery
The Hardy Boys #12 Footprints Under the Window


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