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For The Hardy Boys Digest novel, see Passport to Danger (Digest).

Passport to Danger is the 19th book in Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys SuperMystery series. It was first published in July 1994 by Archway Paperbacks (an imprint of Simon & Schuster).

Back cover summary

NANCY DREW has traveled to the charming Mexican town of San Miguel Allende to help Helen and David Oberman avert a disastrous criminal scandal at their prestigious art school. The Obermans have learned that the campus has become a focal point of counterfeiters. Someone is producing bogus green cards, which will be used to exploit and smuggle illegal aliens into the United States.


THE HARDY BOYS have also made their way south to visit the Perelis family in Mexico City. It began as a pleasure trip, but when a priceless Mayan jade mask is stolen from the Perelis art gallery, Frank and Joe get down to business. Discovering an intriguing connection between the theft and the forgers in San Miguel, Nancy and the boys must act quickly to trace the connection to its source -- and find the shocking truth behind the ancient mask of mystery.[1]


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  • Regulars
  • David Oberman
  • Helen Oberman
  • Juan Ramirez (security guard of the museum)
  • Ana Peron (waitress in a hotel)
  • Jim Stanton ( Rosa's Boyfriend, Counterfeiter)
  • Rosa
  • Maria Sandoval (waitress in Instituito de San Miguel de Allende, secret agent)
  • Claire (Mr and Mrs Oberman's Daughter)
  • Luis ( Claire's Boyfriend)
  • Sam Breslin ( art teacher of Claire/ the one who stole the jade mask)
  • Quentin Cole (tall man whom wrongly accused by Mr Perelis that he stole the jade mask)
  • Mr. Perelis ( Museum Owner)
  • Ricardo


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Businesses and organizations

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