Paul Clermont is a young man from France.[1] He is the brother in-law of wealthy French businessman Gustav Tabor.[2]


Clermont is the younger brother of Gustav Tabor's late wife. Tabor never had any children of his own and in his old age started looking for an heir. Tabor never liked Clermont much, and when Clermont learned that under his rich relative's then current will, he would inherit only a small share of the estate, he plotted to find some why to got larger share in the fortune himself.

Knowing that Tabor was sending a private investigator to do a character check on his young relative John Tabor in the United States of America, Clermont flow to the US to do his best to decrease John to Gustav Tabor.

On arriving in John's hometown Hawk River, Clermont heard of alleged werewolf attacks recently reported in the area. Clermont knew that the Tabor's have a family legend about werewolves in their bloodline, and he though this would be a good opportunity to discredit John. Among other things, Clermont stole files on the Tabor werewolves and mailed them to the local newspaper, and planted a wolf skin in John's cabin.[2]

However, even after all his work Clermont was unsuccessful. Frank and Joe Hardy who had been hired by John's family to look into the town's werewolf, uncovered his plot. Luckily for Clermont, the Hardys agreed not to report him to the police.[3]


The Hardy Boys #59 Night of the Werewolf


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