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Paul McFarlane was the dean of Rosegrave Preparatory Academy.


Early life

Paul was born and raised in Bridgeport. He comes from a wealthy family much like Laura, who he dated during high school, where they both worked on the school paper, but they broke up after Paul decided to attend Rosegrave Preparatory Academy, which was merely a front for the Circle of The Eye. Laura saw this as a betrayal and fled.

Rosegrave Entry Exams

Dean McFarlane hosts the Rosegrave entry exams at Gloria Estabrook's estate, where he meets her grandson, Frank Hardy and his friend, Callie Shaw. Dean Mcfarlane mentions the fact that Frank’s great-grandfather founded the school. Although, even with such a strong family connection, Frank must pass the entrance exam. Gloria also mentions that Dean Mcfarlane has been a great asset to Rosegrave and that he knew Laura.

Dean Mcfarlane explains that the entrance exam consists of four sections, covering a variety of core academic subjects. Each subject will be marked as they complete it and the students with the lowest scores will be asked to leave. By the end of testing, only two will remain. Those two will undergo a final test to determine whether or not they are accepted. By the end of the exam, only Frank and Callie remain. The last round is less conventional. They have 15 minutes to solve a riddle and escape the locked room. With less than five minutes to spare, they do just that.

Dean McFarlane explains that the final test measures a candidate’s reaction and ability to improvise. He then reveals to Frank that Laura passed the test with flying colors as well and tells Frank that he hopes to see him at the academy.[1]

Resignation from Rosegrave

Frank and Callie stop by Rosegrave to speak with Dean McFarlane. Frank asks about his relationship with his mother, who Dean McFarlane dated. Frank wonders if she ever told him why she was leaving Bridgeport after high school. Before he can reply, one of Rosegrave’s top students, Stavros, arrives. Dean McFarlane has tasked him with showing them around school.

Dean McFarlane returns to his office to find Frank going through his desk. Frank confronts Dean McFarlane for lying to him about the last time he saw Laura. Frank looked through his planner and saw that he met her on the 17th despite claiming that he hadn't seen her in years. Dean McFarlane asks Lindy, his assistant, to allow them to speak privately. However, he knows that she’s still listening from outside the door and pretends to yell at Frank while also writing him a message to meet at the greenhouse in 20 minutes.

Dean McFarlane admits that he lied to Frank about his relationship with Laura. They dated for a couple years. They were both from wealthy Bridgeport families — their entire lives had been mapped out. Laura said that Gloria was writing her life for her, turning her into another powerful Estabrook heir, which Laura feared, so she turned down Rosegrave. And when Dean McFarlane accepted their offer, she took it as a betrayal and never spoke to him again until a few weeks ago.

Dean McFarlane’s first night at Rosegrave was restless. He kept trying to remind himself why he chose school over love. But he couldn’t find a good reason. So, one night he snuck into the greenhouse and searched for the most beautiful flower he could find. He dug it out and sent in to Laura telling her how sorry he was, but she never wrote back. Frank questions why his mother’s investigation led her to Rosegrave. Dean McFarlane explains that if you can control the future leaders then you can control the world without anyone knowing you’re behind it. Frank goes on to ask about the symbol that keeps showing up. Dean McFarlane reveals that it's “their symbol.” He fears what will happen if they’re caught together and tells Frank to meet him at the coffee shop tomorrow at nine. However, he never meets with Frank. He resigns and leaves Frank behind a letter, telling him to look into his mother's past for answers.[2]


Fun facts and trivia

  • Paul McFarlane does not exist in previous adaptations. He is a character created specifically for the series. However, his surname, McFarlane, is a reference to Leslie McFarlane, the Canadian journalist and director who ghostwrote 19 of the of 25 books of the original series. [3]