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Paulo Henrique Marcondes
Paulo Henrique
Birth Sao Paulo, Brazil[1]
Occupation Arist
Affiliation Papercutz
Hardy Boys work The Hardy Boys Graphic Novel

Paulo Henrique Marcondes (often just Paulo Henrique) is a Brazilian comic book artist, and the current artist on The Hardy Boys Graphic Novel series. His first published comic work was Mega Man for the Brazilian company Magnum, in 1997. Over the next few years Henrique's art appeared in several international magazines, including Anime Nation and Herói Mangá. Then in 2004 he made his American comics debut with Myth Warriors, for Image Comics' partner studio Top Cow Productions.[1]

He found out about The Hardy Boys series through friend and then-current Hardy artist Sidney Lima.[2] He collaborated with Lima on his first Hardy title, #6 Hyde & Shriek,[3] and then with Lima and Daniel Rendon on #7 The Opposite Numbers.[4] The first book he drew solo was #8 Board to Death,[5] although Rendon provided the cover art.[citation needed] Starting with #9 To Die or Not to Die?, Henrique has done all the cover art work for the series, and after #10 A Hardy Day's Night, which he co-drew with Marvel Zero,[6] and #11 Abracadeath!, art by Tim Smith 3,[7] all the internal art.

As of March 16, 2009, Henrique has drawn and completed 11 volumes in The Hardy Boys Graphic Novel series.[2]


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