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A close friend of Frank Hardy, Philip Cohen is very artistic and a genius when it comes to electronics [1],in the Casefiles series he often helps out the Hardys when they need a video to be digitally restored or a computer system hacked into. Phil is also skilled at painting[2] and is a great tennis player. In The Mysterious Caravan, book #54 in the original series, it is said that he holds the county tennis championship[3]. Helping the Hardys, Phil has faced quite a bit of danger throughout the series, but no matter what happens, always has a good sense of humour.

Phil is tall, slender, and agile with wavy brown hair, glasses and dark eyes.[4][5]


  • Phil is Jewish.
  • Along with fellow Hardy Boys character Tony Prito, he was one of the first fictional non-WASP characters, to be portrayed as a normal, fully assimilated teenager.[6]


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Phil Cohen (Original)

Phil Cohen of the Original continuity.

Phil Cohen (Casefiles)

Phil Cohen of the Casefiles continuity.

Phil Cohen (Undercover Brothers)

Phil Cohen of the Undercover Brothers continuity.

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