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Phil Cohen is a resident of Bridgeport and a close friend of Frank and Joe Hardy.


Meeting the Hardy Boys

Phil meets Frank and Joe at Wilt's Deli while playing an arcade game. He introduces himself as reigning champion of Legion of March. He reconvenes with the Hardy boys, as well as Chet, Callie, and Biff at Gloria Estabrook's “welcome to Bridgeport” barbecue, where they discuss the fishing boat that went down a couple weeks ago and Joe is briefly taken hostage by Ern Cullmore[1]

Tracking Down Ern

Phil and Chet head over to the Hardy's and help them move box. During which time, Phil enthusiastically reads the paper, which details a fugitive's daring escape from an airplane. Afterward, Phil, Chet, and Frank follow the latter's father to a park, where he meets up with his old partner, Sam Peterson.

Phil, Chet, Callie, and Frank go to the Dundurin Hotel after learning that Ern's girlfriend, Shawna Mayer, works there. Phil and Chet take a seat in the lobby while Callie and Frank search upstairs. Phil and Chet spot Shawna from the lobby and follow her into the basement. She enters a locked room and exits moments later. They reconvene with Frank and Callie and devise a plan to retrieve the key. Phil distracts the lady at the front desks while Chet steals the keys and passes them off. Phil and Callie play lookout while Frank and Chet break inside the room to talk with Ern.[2]

Sea Cadets Meeting

Joe asks to accompany Phil to the upcoming Sea Cadets meeting. Trudy reminds Joe that he’s not allowed to leave the house because the Tall Man is still on the loose. Joe assures her that he’ll be fine and that they’ll be under adult supervision. Trudy reluctantly allows for him to attend the meeting. Before long, the boys arrive outside of the Sea Cadets meeting, where Joe reveals that he was only using Phil as a means to escape the house. And so, Phil attends the meeting alone.

Later that night, Joe returns home with Phil, maintaining the ruse that he attended a Sea Cadet meeting. Trudy invites Phil to stay for dinner. He initially says yes, but Joe tells him to leave. But first, Phil follows Joe up to his room and demands to know what he has been up to. When Joe refuses, Phil threatens to tell Trudy. Joe reluctantly reveals that he and Biff found proof of corruption in Bridgeport PD. Phil is amazed. He then asks for his Sea Cadet uniform back.[3]

Joe's Abduction

Phil, Callie, Chet, and Biff arrive at Wilt’s for their annual back to school brownies, where they stuff their faces with brownies and ice cream to lament the loss of yet another summer. Phil inquires about the details involving their last run-in with the Tall Man, expressing an alarming interest in all of the gory details. They change the subject to school and offer Frank and Joe tips on the do's and don'ts of Bridgeport public school.

Phil tries to convince Joe to attend the Conspiracy Theory Club meeting, but he has more important matters. He drops his walkie talkie while riding off on his bike. Phil recovers it but fails to alert Joe in time. Phil catches up to Joe just as he is taken away by JB. So, he radios in to Biff to inform her of Joe’s abduction.[4]

Phil meets with Biff, and the two of them report Joe's abduction to Biff's mom. Although Phil struggles to make out the license plate, he provides a very detailed description of the car.[5]

Phil enters Wilt's Deil and orders a strawberry malt. He can sense the tension between Frank and Chet. Frank offers him a free float and tells him to go pick a soda so that he and Chet can speak privately.[6]

The Search for Joe and Biff

Phil, Callie, and Frank meet at Wilt's Deli. Frank tells them that Joe and Biff are out at Demon’s Paw. While the mines have been sealed shut for years, Frank believes they found another way inside, as Joe is trying to destroy their piece of the Eye. After Joe and Biff are recovered, Chet and Phil head back to Wilt’s after a hay bale rolled over Chet. Chet offers to buy Phil a milkshake after he saved him back at the farm.[7]

Breaking into the Estabrook Estate

Phil, Biff, and Chet meet with Frank and Joe at Wilt's. They reveal that Callie was taken captive by Stacy, who is threatening her life unless they bring her the Estabrook piece. Frank and Joe plan to trick Stacy with the replica piece Joe created to fool the Tall Man. Biff points out that Stacy most likely has the same radiation detector as the Tall Man. Phil explains that smoke detectors have small amounts of americium, making it only slightly radioactive. Just enough to trick the detector. So, they cut the americium out of multiple smoke detectors and tape them around Frank’s arm. Frank and Chet will go to get Callie while Phil, Biff, and Joe retrieve the real piece of The Eye from Gloria’s.

Phil arrives at the Estabrook estate and acts as a decoy so that Joe and Biff can sneak inside. He distracts Stefan, claiming that he’s collecting donations for the Bridgeport Sea Cadets. After getting past Stefan, he joins Joe in Gloria's study and helps free Biff, who got locked inside of the study. The three of them return to Wilt's only for Fenton to arrive not long after and tell them to go home.

The next day, the group reconvenes at the Hardy house, where Frank and Joe thank them for all their help and tell them that they can't tell anyone else about what transpired.[8]

Personality and traits

Official character bio from Hulu's press site:[9]

Excitable and eager, he always jumps into adventure with both feet. Though PHIL isn’t exactly “grace under pressure”, his passion is what sets him apart from all the other kids. A bit of a conspiracy theorist, he loves twisted stories and unexpected situations as a respite from his (mostly boring) small town life.


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