The Ring of Evil Trilogy is a three part story arc in The Hardy Boys Casefiles that was published between June and August 1993 by Archway Paperbacks (an imprint of Simon & Schuster). The trilogy includes Casefiles #76 Tagged for Terror, #77 Survival Run, and #78 The Pacific Conspiracy. In this trilogy, the Hardys investigate what they believe to be small-time luggage theft in an Atlanta airport, but later find that both the Assassins and the Network are connected to this case. The Hardys and the Network later team up to thwart the Assassins' most dangerous plot yet, one that threatens to destroy the world.

Hardy Boys and Tom Swift Ultra Thriller #2 The Alien Factor is considered to be a prologue to the Ring of Evil Trilogy, while Casefiles #80 Dead of Night is a direct epilogue. Casefiles #100 True Thriller is also connected to this trilogy as more of an indirect second epilogue.

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