Ripley Lansing is a famous young woman who was a contestant on the Deprivation House reality TV show. It seems that she has many fans but she is also disliked by many, having been known to 'steal' boyfriends, get people fired, and to break cameras when people try to take pictures of her.

Miss Lansing is tall, and in the words of Joe Hardy, "definitely worth looking at". She has straight, long, dark brown hair, ice blue eyes, and long tanned legs. It seems that she usually wears short dresses.

Before competing in Deprivation House Ripley received a threating note, so her parents requested security, but since Deprivation House only allowed teenagers, the police called on ATAC for help.

Ripley Lansing appears in Undercover Brothers #22 Deprivation House and Undercover Brothers #23 House Arrest

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