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Royal Revenge is the 34th book in Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys SuperMystery series. It was first published in December 1997 by Archway Paperbacks (an imprint of Simon & Schuster).

Back cover summary

Cass Carroll is the new guy in Bess's life. But what's he hiding? And why is he on the run? NANCY DREW needs answers and needs them fast, before her friend ends up hurt. Finding the truth won't be easy. Cass lives in Little Panaslava, a section of town where secrecy is a way of life. Panaslavans have seen their own country torn apart by treachery, and now they trust no one. But the question is: Can Bess trust Cass -- a mystery man about to be named the prime suspect in a murder?


An agent to the U.S. State Department has dispatched FRANK and JOE HARDY on an ultrasecret, ultrasensitive operation. The mission: Track an international hit man targeting the exiled prince of Panaslava. But the Hardys don't know the identity of the assassin or of the prince, only their destination: River Heights! Nancy, Frank, and Joe slowly penetrate the wall of silence surrounding Little Panaslava -- and make a shocking discovery.[1]


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