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Sam Peterson is a detective with the Dixon City Police Department.


Working Undercover

Sam and Fenton are working undercover at a construction site to investigate a corrupt city inspector named Aucoin. Sam monitors from the car while Fenton poses as an electrician to get a better look at the inspector inside a trailer. Sam warns him that there’s a bogey approaching, forcing Fenton to retreat and head back to the car. Sam asks if he saw the handoff between the city inspector and his client. Fenton suddenly realizes they did the handoff right in front of him and goes to arrest Aucoin for bribery. Fenton points out how Aucoin entered the trailer with a blue thermos but exited with a green one, filled with cash no less. Later that evening, he informs Fenton that Laura was in involved in a fatal crash.[1]

Looking into Mrs. Khan

Sam began investigating Kanika Khan at Fenton's behest after she hired Fenton to find her nephew, Rupert Khan. Sam reveals that she’s incredibly wealthy and has ties to organized crime. Sam thinks that it might be a setup but Fenton has no other choice if he wishes to find his wife’s killer.[2]

Gathering intel on JB

Sam gathers intel on JB Cox on Frank's behest. Sam questions why Frank is looking into JB. Frank reveals how Joe ran into him on the beach and helped him fix his radio. Frank claims that Joe’s a bit freaked out so he wanted to know more about him. Sam reveals that JB is a professional thief-for-hire. He likes high risk jobs for high paying clients. Frank asks if JB is connected to Mrs. Khan. Sam states that he has yet to find a connection. Trudy returns home, and Sam claims that he’s simply stopping by to check in since he hasn’t heard from Fenton in days. Sam reminds Trudy that this isn't the first time Fenton has gone dark on them. He isn’t worried about him just yet and tells Trudy to call if she needs anything.[3]


Fun facts and trivia

  • Sam does not exist in previous adaptations. He is a character created specifically for the series.