Sam Peterson is Fenton Hardy’s former partner and the chief of police in New York City. When he and Fenton worked together they cracked some of the toughest cases in the department's history.[1]

He is also the leader of the Guardians.[2]

He was running for Mayor of New York City, but had to pull out of the campaign because of heart problems.[3]

Peterson lives with his wife in New York, and is powerfully built black man, with graying black hair.[4]

In his first appearance in Edge of Destruction, Sam peterson shows many similarities with Bayport police cheif Ezra Collig; he appears to have a quick temper, and most of all, views Frank and Joe as mere kids who have no business interfering with police matters. However, at the end of the book, they have greatly earned his respect after their good work on the case, and even asks them to consider a career with the NYPD, saying that "he hasn't seen such promising talent since Fenton and I joined the force."

Peterson's newfound respect for the boys remains strong in Blood Money; after being poisoned and rescued by them, he praises both boys to Fenton in his hospital room.


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