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Stacy Baker (real name Anastasia Nabokov) is the daughter of Victor Nabokov and the heir to the Nabokov empire. Prior to her arrival in Bridgeport, Anastasia hired the Tall Man to steal the Estabrook piece of the Eye, but after his failures started to become a habit, she killed him by running him over with a car and took on the persona of Stacy Baker in order to get closer to Frank Hardy so that she can retrieve the Eye and reassemble all three pieces.


Killing the Tall Man

Stacy accidentally runs over the Tall Man as he was chasing Frank and Joe down the street.[1]

Befriending Frank

Stacy exits her car after running the Tall Man over. Frank attempts to calm Stacy down as Joe approaches the Tall Man’s lifeless body. Chief Collig arrives on the scene and pronounces him dead before bringing them all into the station. After being questioned by deputies, Stacy leaves the station and waves to Frank as he leaves in his own car.

Stacy joins Frank in the cafeteria on the first day of school. There, she meets Callie and Chet, who asks where she’s from. Stacy tells them that she's from Franklin, a small town up north of Grisham. She claimed that her dad travels a lot and so she’s living with her aunt and uncle. Frank tells Stacy that he’s sorry about what happened and thanks her for saving him and Joe from the Tall Man.

While at her locker, Stacy reveals to Frank that she’s constantly overhearing the other kids making jokes and talking about her. She doesn’t know if she’s a celebrity or a freak. Frank isn't sure if it’ll past, as people still look at him and his brother with pity due to their mother's death. Frank tells her not give up on Bridgeport because there’s a lot of great people. She asks him to walk her to class, but he tells her that he has something more pressing to attend to.[2]

Stacy joins Frank and Callie in the hallway. They asks how she’s adapting to Bridgeport. She says that it’s better than her old school, Galebridge High, claiming that this one teacher, Mrs. Sumner, had it in for her. Later, Stacy calls Frank into the hallway during lunch to hangout, but he wasn't in the best mood. He found something out about his family that he didn’t want to know. Stacy tells Franks that she believes that truth is always better than secrets and that he should embrace it rather than running from it.

The next day at school, Callie mentions her cousin Marina who attends Galebridge. However, Stacy says that she doesn’t know anyone by the name Marina.[3]

Anastasia Nabokov

After getting a strange call at home the day before, Stacy asks Callie why she called her last night. Her study partner, Amanda, said that she gave Callie her number. Callie reluctantly admits that she called Stacy. She claims that wanted to apologize for being weird to Stacy and got scared at the last moment. Stacy is understanding and forgives Callie.

Stacy is partnered up with Frank in class. Frank says that he’s been preoccupied as of late and has a lot on his mind. Stacy asks what’s bothering him. Frank reveals that he has to trust someone that he knows he shouldn’t trust and doesn’t know how to proceed. Stacy’s motto is never trust anyone. Throughout her entire life, all her family has ever done is lie to her. So, she had to learn the hard way. Stacy continues to push to see what else Frank is willing to tell her, claiming that she wants to help, but Frank says that he’ll figure this out on his own, as it’s a family matter.

Stacy meets Frank at Wilt's, and he confronts her about all of his findings. Frank asks her about the Tall Man, which Stacy insists was an accident. He then asks about her gun toting aunt and uncle, as he was spying on her. Stacy reveals that her real name is Anastasia Nabokov. Daughter of Victor Nabokov. However, she’s not part of the Circle and has no desire to be, as she suspects that someone from it killed both her father and Frank’s mother. As for her aunt and uncle, Stacy reveals that they are bodyguards hired by her father. Stacy never really got to know her father. He sent her away to a boarding school when she was a toddler for her own protection. Then he died before she could get to know him. She came to Bridgeport to fight for her father’s memory and expose the Circle. She then kisses Frank as Callie watches from outside the door.[4]

Helping Frank

Stacy agrees to help Frank when shows up and tells her that Joe and Biff are missing. He knows the original miners made their own separate entrances to the mines and asks Stacy if her grandfather, Sergei Nabokov, had his own and if she knew its location. Stacy’s father always told her never to trust anyone from the Circle, so if she tells Frank, she needs him to promise to never let his grandma know. Frank promises, and Stacy reveals that her father built a storehouse by the mines and said that it was a front to cover up the entrance.

Later that night, JB Cox breaks into her house using the Khan piece. He is first attacked by Stacy's “aunt” with a baseball bat, but JB counters the attack thanks to his piece of the Eye. But due to their piece of the Eye, Stacy and her “uncle” sneak up on him from behind, take his stone and beat him.[5]

Reassembling The Eye

Stacy has abducted Callie and restrained her to a chair in her family storehouse. Callie promises an smug Stacey she'll pay for what she’s done. Stacy then calls the Hardy residence and tells Joe to tell Frank to bring her the Estabrook piece of The Eye in exchange for Callie.

After Frank tricks Stacy into freeing Callie with a replica piece, she is forced to admit defeat and forges a truce with Gloria. They meet at her family's storehouse and proceed to the Chamber of The Eye together. Frank, Joe, Fenton, and Callie arrive. When Fenton reveals that they have Gloria on tape admitting to having killed Stacy’s father, Stacy’s uncle attempts to steal Gloria’s piece, but Stefan intervenes. Stacy grabs the piece but drops it after being punched by Callie. Gloria then takes the piece and reassembles The Eye. This emits a blast, which shakes the mines. With the mines coming less stable with each passing moment, Stacy’s uncle carries her out on his shoulder.[6]

Personality and traits

Official character bio from Hulu's press site:[7]

Also new to Bridgeport, Stacy meets Frank and Joe under unfortunate circumstances, but quickly discovers how much they have in common. Both are away from their parents, living with relatives, and feeling like total fish out of water. Cool and confident, Stacy immediately takes a shine to Frank Hardy – whether he feels the same way may take some figuring out. But Stacy isn’t one to back down from a challenge, when she sees something she wants, she’s all in.


Fun facts and trivia

  • Stacy does not exist in previous adaptations. She is a character created specifically for the series.