The Stanwide Mining Equipment Company, often referred to simply as Stanwide, produce parts and equipment for mining operations all over the United States. They are based in Bayport at their factory on the north edge of Bayport Airport.[1] They have a hangar at the airport from where they ship parts across the country.

Stanwide Research and Development Laboratories

Stanwide Research and Development Laboratories are a subsidiary of Stanwide who develop new mining technology. It conducts exploratory mining work in various parts of the world.[2]


Stanwide produce many different types of equipment for use in the mining industry including electronics components. Many of these components contain large amounts of platinum making them very valuable and of great interest to criminals. They buy their platinum in bulk from Canada.[2]

Ile de la Mer tragedy

Disaster struck Stanwide when one of their planes crashed during an exploratory expedition for the Stanwide Research and Development Labs. The crew had been surveying Ile de la Mer, a remote Caribbean island and were on their return journey when the plane experienced engine trouble and crashed at sea killing three mineralogists on board.[3] At first it was believed that copilot Lance Peterson was the only survivor but it later emerged that pilot Clint Hill had survived by clinging to the wing of the plane until he was rescued by the natives of a nearby island.[4]

Stolen shipments

When valuable components started to go missing from Stanwide shipments, seemingly en route, company president Albert Allen contacted Fenton Hardy to help find the missing parts and discover who was responsible for their disappearance. Fenton's sons, Frank and Joe Hardy infiltrated the company by posing as employees and exposed the criminal gang behind the thefts.



Affiliated people and organizations

The Stanwide Mining Equipment Company appears in The Hardy Boys #9 The Great Airport Mystery (revised text).


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