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Star Trek is a American science fiction entertainment series and media franchise, currently joint-owned by CBS Corporation and Paramount Pictures, sister companies, along wtih Simon & Schuster, all three of which are owned by National Amusements. Simon & Schuster has been the publisher of Star Trek novels since 1979 (the same year they acquired the rights for The Hardy Boys), and many titles have been published under the same imprint as The Hardy Boys, including the Pocket Book, and Wanderer imprints.

Star Trek has been referenced numerous times in The Hardy Boys. Most recently in The Hardy Boys Undercover Brothers #25 Double Trouble, where Joe Hardy sarcastically compares Frank, to "Mr. Spock", one of the main characters in Star Trek: The Original Series, and most notably in The Hardy Boys #172 Trouble in Warp Space, in which the Iola Morton gets a walk-on part in a new TV series called Warp Space, an obvious reference to Star Trek: Enterprise. At the time of the publication of Trouble in Warp Space, in 2002, Simon & Schuster and Paramount were both owned by Viacom.

In the 1995 TV episode "The Curse" Frank and Joe mention "Captian Kirk", the main character in Star Trek: The Original Series.

Paul Popowich, who played Joe Hardy in the 1995 Hardy Boys TV show also played a Starfleet cadet in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode "Valiant".

From 1993-1998 a number of Hardy Boys books were printed with ads on the covers for the Minstrel line of Star Trek books. [1]


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