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Stefan was Gloria Estabrook's servant.


Serving Gloria

Upon learning that Joe was taken hostage by Ern Cullmore, Stefan follows Frank and Gloria to the barn, where after Joe stomps on Ern's foot, Stefan chases them outside of the barn.[1]

Stefan escorts Callie into the study to meet with Gloria, who has agreed to help her with her Rosegrave application.[2]

Stefan stands by the front door as Gloria's guests arrive for the entry exam to Rosegrave. Stefan tells Callie that she doesn’t need luck as she’s Rosegrave material through and through. He wishes Frank good luck, however. Much later, after all the guests have left, he brings in Mrs. Khan to speak with Gloria.[3]

Meeting JB

Stefan breaks into JB Cox's motel room and waits for him to return. He explains to JB that he failed to hand over the piece as is, which is why he hasn't been compensated. They didn’t want the idol, they wanted what was inside. JB’s delivery wasn’t complete, and he won’t get paid until it is. JB attacks Stefan out of anger, but he doesn’t land a single punch.

Frank shows up at Gloria's estate unexpected to speak with her. Stefan attempts to convince him to leave, as Gloria is on call. They suddenly hear a noise come from her study and find Joe and JB. JB has come for payment whereas Joe wants answers, as he believes that JB’s buyer has something to do with his mom’s death, which leads back to Gloria.[4]

JB holds Joe as a hostage and demands to speak with Gloria. Stefan is initially reluctant, but with no other choice, he retrieves Gloria, and JB reveals to her that Joe knows where the piece is. While Gloria distracts him, Stefan sneaks up on JB and knock him unconscious. Later, Stefan accompanies Frank and Joe to the Westdale movie theater to retrieve the Estabrook piece of, but Joe reveals that it was stolen from his hiding place.[5]

Stefan breaks into JB’s room. But JB is one step ahead thanks to the Khan piece and hits him over the head with a lamp before handcuffing his hands behind his back. JB explains to Stefan his plan to steal all three pieces of the Eye for himself. Stefan warns him that many people have died for the Eye, but JB doesn’t seem concerned. Stefan later breaks free nd reports back to Gloria.[6]

Stefan hands Gloria the Tall Man's report. He was ex-military and a known associate of Victor Nabokov. However, Victor died months before the attack, so he must’ve named a successor. Stefan then escorts JB out after Gloria hires him to retrieve her piece of the Eye. He later escorts Mrs. Khan and Stacy Baker into Gloria's study.[7]

Killing Laura

While Gloria is gone, Phil Cohen stops by claiming that he’s collecting donations for the Bridgeport Sea Cadets. Unbeknownst to Stefan, here's merely acting as a decoy for Joe and Biff to sneak in. Gloria returns soon thereafter and tells Stefan how Callie is no longer in play, meaning Frank and Joe intervened. Stacy realized that she can’t move ahead alone and called Gloria to form a truce. So, Stefan and Gloria meet Stacy at Victor’s warehouse travel to the Chamber. Fenton, Frank, Joe, and Callie arrive soon thereafter and reveal that they have a tape confession of Gloria admitting to having killed Victor Nabokov. Still, Gloria goes through with reassembling The Eye, which emits a blast and knocks Frank unconscious. Frank awakens and reveals that Stefan killed Laura. He admits this is true and did it to protect Gloria. With the Chamber coming down on tp of them, they are forced to exit, but Stefan goes back to get The Eye, however, he is crushed by falling debris as the ground around him behind to cave in.[8]


Fun facts and trivia

  • Stefan does not exist in previous adaptations. He is a character created specifically for the series.