This template is primarily used on The Hardy Boys Wiki guideline and policy pages to show the shortest alias of a given page. For example, HB:MoS redirects to The Hardy Boys Wiki:Manual of Style. The point of this template is not to list every single redirect (indeed, that's what Special:Whatlinkshere is for); for any given page, it should list only one or two common and easily-remembered redirects.

Don't use this template on other templates, e.g. to state that the shortcut to Template:Policy is in fact {{Policy}}. There's no need to state the obvious like that, by default every template uses its own name as a shortcut.

This template can take up to five shortcuts as parameters.

The first parameter can be linked or unlinked; the remaining parameters must be unlinked.

Please use template shortcut to indicate convenient template redirects, which is specifically intended for that purpose.

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