This is the first Hardy Boys Nancy Drew Supermystery since the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys SuperMystery'88 series. In this book, Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys go to Rockapazooma. Nancy with her friends Bess and George go to have a good time, but Frank and Joe are on a mission for ATAC. Though Frank remembers reading about Nancy Drew and her crime solving, they don't know each other.


[1] From the back cover

The Hardy Boys

"So, Joe, what do you make of ATAC sending us on a mission without telling us what we're suppose to be looking for?"

"Frank, it's Rockapazooma! Who cares? We can handle this."

"I don't know..."

Nancy Drew

"So, George, are you coming to Rockapazooma with me, or what?"

"How could I miss a chance to see my fave band, Lethal Injection, live? Even Bess wants in. But we're only going on one condition: If a case crops up, you'll leave it to one of the security guards. Just once, Nancy? So we can actually listen to the music?"

"Where's the mystery in that?"

One rock concert. One Big Crime.

Three of the best teen detectives of all time.


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