The Assassins is a terrorist group in the Casefiles series.

Calling them selves simply the ‘Assassins’, this group of terrorists-for-hire is the main adversary of the Hardy boys and The Network in Casefiles series.

The Assassins apparently started back in the 13th or 14th century (although no one knows for sure). Thus they have almost a thousand years of experience.[1]

All Assassins have a hollow tooth to hold a cyanide capsule and agents have standing orders to die rather than be captured. Although most Assassins do use the capsule when captured, some of the higher-ups in the organization aren’t as quick too do so.

"Nobody takes an Assassin alive"
— Al-Rousasa in Casefiles #1 Dead on Target

Frank and Joe fight the Assassins not only because they are dangerous to the world, but because they are the group responsible for the death of Joe’s girlfriend, Iola Morton.

Individual Assassins


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