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"Espionage is always a foreign affair."
— Tagline, from the front cover

The Borderline Case is the 25th book in The Hardy Boys Casefiles series.

Plot summary

A student exchange program brings Frank and Joe to sun-kissed Greece. But the moment they hit the scenic port of Piraeus, they land in deep trouble. What starts as a street fight soon escalates to a hornet's nest of espionage, kidnapping, and diplomatic double cross.

Near Yugoslavia, the Hardys find themselves on a mission to rescue someone they don't know, for a cause they barely understand. Only one thing is certain -- if the brother team fails this border run, they'll be ancient history.


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  • This is a rare Hardy Boys Casefiles story in that the Hardy's work on a Network case, however, the Network case does not involve the Assassins. However, The Assassins do appear in the next book, Trouble In The Pipeline, and just like this book, it is The Assassins by themselves.
  • Chet meets the Gray Man for the first time. Chet and the Gray Man had previously been in other books together (i.e. Dead On Target & Cult of Crime), however their scenes were separate and they had never met.
  • While Phil Cohen does help on this Network mission, it is unclear if he meets the Gray Man.

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