The Hardy Boys #154 "The Caribbean Cruise Caper"

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Aladdin Paperbacks (reprint) | pub_date = 1999 | media_type = Print (paperback) | pages = 148 | isbn = | series = The Hardy Boys | preceded_by = Eye on Crime | followed_by = The Hunt for the Four Brothers }}

The Caribbean Cruise Caper is the 154th book in The Hardy Boys Digest series. It was first published in 1999 by Minstrel Books.

Plot summary

Frank and Joe investigate suspicious pranks that threaten to ruin a cruise-ship detective contest and their relaxing tropical trip.




Businesses and organizations


Other editions

  • The Caribbean Cruise Caper was republished in October 2002 as one of three stories in the Hardy Boys 75th Anniversary Collector's Edition by Aladdin Paperbacks in softcover. In December 2004 Aladdin Paperbacks again released the Collector's Edition, this time through Borders Books only, and in hardcover.


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