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The Caribbean Cruise Caper is the 154th book in The Hardy Boys Digest series. It was first published in 1999 by Minstrel Books.

Plot summary

Frank and Joe investigate suspicious pranks that threaten to ruin a cruise-ship detective contest and their relaxing tropical trip.



  • Cesar Ariosto
  • Chuck Arneson
  • Arnie
  • Lisa Burnham
  • Sylvia de Carabas
  • Charles
  • Christina (mentioned only)
  • Bettina Dunn
  • Frank Hardy
  • Joe Hardy
  • Kenneth Lee
  • Boris Lebidof
  • L. Mallet
  • Jason MacFarlane
  • Walter Mares
  • Bruce Mathieson
  • Nora
  • Elizabeth Wheelwright
  • David Wildman
  • Evan Wildman


  • Albuquerque (mentioned only)
  • Bayport (mentioned only)
  • Brooklyn, NY. (mentioned only)
  • Canada (mentioned only)
  • Colorado (mentioned only)
  • Dallas, TX. (mentioned only)
  • Embarcadero
  • Fort William
  • Fort Worth, TX. (mentioned only)
  • Galleon Bay
  • Key West, FL. (mentioned only)
  • London, England (mentioned only)
  • Manhattan, NY. (mentioned only)
  • Mexico (mentioned only)
  • Miami, FL. (mentioned only)
  • Montreal, France. (mentioned only)
  • Mount Orange
  • New Mexico (mentioned only)
  • Puerto Rico
  • Russia (mentioned only)
  • ST. Hilda
  • ST. Mark
  • Virgina (mentioned only)

Businesses and organizations

  • All-Island Pizza
  • NCAA (mentioned only)
  • Teenway


  • Blackbeard (mentioned only)
  • The Civil War (mentioned only)
  • Colombe d'Or
  • Sherlock Holmes (mentioned only)
  • JFK (mentioned only)
  • Captain Kidd (mentioned only)
  • Stairway to Oblivion (mentioned only)
  • Sleuth (mentioned only)
  • Sam Spade (mentioned only)

Other editions

Digest -154 Caribbean Cruise collecters.jpg

  • The Caribbean Cruise Caper was republished in October 2002 as one of three stories in the Hardy Boys 75th Anniversary Collector's Edition by Aladdin Paperbacks in softcover. In December 2004 Aladdin Paperbacks again released the Collector's Edition, this time through Borders Books only, and in hardcover.


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