The Case of the MyFace Kidnapper (w.t.) was a Hardy Boys Undercover Brothers novel set to be published in 2012. The title was first announced during the summer of 2011, but was then dropped from the Simon & Schuster US and Canadian websites and subsequently pulled from the and .com sites. On September 28, 2011, Paul Mular reported that Simon & Schuster was cancelling both the Undercover Brothers and the Nancy Drew (Undercover Brothers) Girl Detective series in 2012.

On October 1, 2011, the page on[1] page for the book was listing the book as being "Temporarily Unavailable" and that the release date had been pushed back to December 31, 2030.It now lists the book as being "Out of stock".


Frank and Joe's latest case involves the dangerous underside of social networking. A football friend from a nearby school contacts the Hardys when a team member goes missing! One minute he was at a massive beach party that everyone from school was invited to via MyFace; the next moment he was GONE! The MyFace parties continue, but so do the crimes: robbery, kidnapping, car theft...can murder be far behind? Is MyFace a social network of friends or a network of something far more sinister?[2]


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