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The Cold Cash Caper is the 136th book in The Hardy Boys series. It was first published in April 1996 by Minstrel Books (an imprint of Simon & Schuster).

Back cover summary

The Hardys look to put a gang of armed robbers on ice!

Frank and Joe have volunteered to do undercover security work at the Bayport winter festival. Their main assignment is to act as bodyguards for the star performer, Olympic gold medal figure skater David Kennedy. Although put on for a good cause -- charity -- the festival is soon plagued by bad vibes.

Money intended for the local children's hospital is ending up in the hands of masked, gun-wielding thugs, and the Hardys are committed to stopping the robbers cold. But the gunmen are just as determined to pocket the cash. Even if it means making a donation of their own to the local hospital...or morgue: Frank and Joe Hardy.[2]


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  • Regulars
  • Others
    • Chet Morton
    • Craig Thompson
    • Aunt Gertrude Hardy
    • Fenton Hardy (Mentioned)
    • Laura Hardy in New York
    • David Kennedy- Olympic Gold Medalist
    • Chief Collig
    • Ira Meffert -announcer
    • Roger Pender- festival donater
    • Con Riely
    • Leona Turner
    • Ron Smitson
    • Louis R. Bradford- founder of Bayport Children's hospital and Bayport's Winter Festival
    • Dolores Bradford- mentioned mother of Richard
    • Benjamin Meyers- mentioned father of Richard
    • Richard Meyers- mentioned father of Dan Meyers
  • Antagonists
    • Josh Adams
    • Daniel (Dan) Louis Meyers- leader of gang son of Richard Meyers, great grandson of Louis R. Bradford
    • Trevor Jones



Bayport Park

Businesses and organizations

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