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The Fish-Faced Mask of Mystery is the 16th book in The Hardy Boys are: The Clues Brothers series. It was first published in February 2000 by Minstrel Books (an imprint of Simon & Schuster)

Back cover summary

It's Career Week at school. Mr. Frobish the animal trainer is bringing Miles the Cleanup Chimp. Dr. Zekey the anthropologist is showing his Fish of Plenty mask from a faraway island. And Awesome Abe, the chocolate chip cookie king, has goodies for everyone. Frank, Joe, and Chet can practically taste Awesome Abe's cookies when the fire drill begins.

When they return to the auditorium, the cookies are gone- and the Fish of Plenty mask has disappeared! Who could have taken them? To follow their suspects the Hardys have to crash a costume party- without getting caught. Suddenly they're over their heads in trouble- and further than ever from catching the thief.[1]


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