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"Brains and greed are an explosive mix."
— Tagline, from the front cover

The Genius Thieves is the 9th book in the The Hardy Boys Casefiles series.

Plot summary

From End of Casefile #8: The Hardys are after a gang of bank robbers -- who do their stealing by computer! Evidence suggests that the thieves may be operating from the posh Chartwell Academy, so Frank goes undercover as a preppy. He finds lots of suspests and lots of trouble -- from an angry jock, to a gorgeous girl with a jealous boyfriend, to a computer nerd who has all the smarts to pull off the crime Frank is investigating. What's more, Joe is on the outside, having flunked the tough admissions exam. Still worse, Frank's cover is no secret from the crooks. They want him off campus -- or else. Will Frank and Joe make the grade on this case? Or will they flunk fatally?

From back cover: A daring million-dollar bank robbery leads Frank and Joe to Chartwell Academy. Certain that the high-tech thief is someone at the exclusive prep school, Frank enrolls as a student, and Joe gets a job as a janitor. But going undercover on the secluded campus proves extremely dangerous. From battling a raging dorm fire, to being hunted through a graveyard by a masked gunman -- the brother detectives find they're up against a brainy enemy who's intent on making a twin killing.


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