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The Gray Man is a high-up member of top-secret crime fighting organization, the Network and Frank and Joe Hardy's contact in the agency.

He has gone by the name Edward Gray, but more often Arthur E. Gray. Though, it is unknown if either of these are his true names.


Very little is known of his history before he met the Hardys and even less is known of his personal life.

The Hardys first met him at the funeral of Joe's girlfriend, Iola Morton, who was killed in a terrorist car-bomb planted by The Assassins. Following the events of Iola's death, Frank and Joe had vowed to track down her killers, and the Gray Man was a man in-the know, having battled Iola's killers before.

At first, he and the Hardys didn't see eye to eye at all and were near-constantly feuding, due to the their conflicting views. He considered the Hardys to be just amateurs (and still somewhat does), while they didn't agree with the his and Network's often cold-hearted and violent methods (and still don't always agree). Gradually, however, they gained a respect (albeit a slightly grudging one) for each other, and even became "good friends" over time, though (as said before) he still considers them amateurs and, in turn, they don't always trust him.

Personality and traits

The Gray Man is hard to predict, due to the fact that he rarely shows his emotions. As such, he can come across as rather cold and uncaring. However, he can certainly be unselfish and caring when he wants to be, as well as brave when necessary. He has shown that even he has his softer side, willing to help others who got into danger because of their connection to the Network, and giving people (often, the Hardys) respect when they deserve it.

Skills and abilities

The Gray Man has proved in various books that he is very good at hand-to-hand combat, easily flooring both of the Hardy Boys (both of whom are accomplished fighters) various times. He has proven himself to be a shrewd, tough, and highly intelligent agent who is good at his job on multiple occasions. He is also shown to be an extremely good shot, and carries a 9mm Beretta pistol in a shoulder holster under his suit.

Physical description

He can blend in with virtually any crowd, and is as a short, balding man with little gray hair, gray eyes, and even a gray tint to his skin. He has been known to wear glasses, and has smoked cigarettes.


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