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For the revised book, see The Great Airport Mystery (revised text)

The Great Airport Mystery is the ninth book in The Hardy Boys original series. It was first published by Grosset & Dunlap in 1930 and revised in 1965, using cover art produced in 1959/60. Produced by the Stratemeyer Syndicate.

Plot summary

Internal summary:[2]

On their way to visit the new Bayport airport, the Hardy boys narrowly avoid crashing into a mail delivery plane. The pilot, Giles Ducroy is fired from the postal service after an investigation for being intoxicated while flying. He vows revenge on the Hardy Boys. His anger grows when he loses a fight in the street with Frank. After,several mail-bags containing payroll are stolen from the Bayport Airport. While at a picnic, celebrating high school graduation, the Hardy Boys and their girlfriends go off by themselves they see Ducroy and two other known thieves discussing a plan in an abandoned shack. While the Hardy Boys and their friends are on a trip to Cabin Island, they get caught in a storm. They stay with an old fisherman, Amos Grice. He tells them that the airport was robbed again last night. The Hardy Boys learn that incriminating evidence about them has been left at the scene of the crime. They also have no alibi for the time of the robbery. The boys get out on bail, and vow to find the real robbers. Ducroy and the thieves stow away in the back of his aircraft. They hear suspicious noises and talking, linking him and his friends to the robberies. While in the back of the plane, the robbers drop a chain into the mail plane flying below them, causing it to crash. The boys, with the help of the crashed pilot, eventually turn the tables on the robbers after they inform the Hardy Boys about everything. Fenton Hardy shows up along with several police and take the robbers to jail, and the charges against the boys are dropped.




Businesses and organizations

  • United States Postal Service

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