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The Great Airport Mystery is the ninth book in The Hardy Boys Original series. It was first published by Grosset & Dunlap in 1930 and revised in 1965, using cover art produced in 1959/60. Produced by the Stratemeyer Syndicate.

Plot summary

Taking a shortcut home from a summer trip because of an urgent message from their father about an upcoming assignment, the Hardys come across a mysterious roadblock. They move it aside and press on for the sake of time and are soon forced off the road by a blinding flare. In short order, they are shot at and their car is overturned by a low-flying plane which clips the roof. Recovering their wits, they right the car and continue home to be greeted by their father with details of their new case: they are to infiltrate Stanwide Mining Equipment Company who are having expensive electronics components swiped from orders being flown out to customers.

Internal summary:[2]

Valuable electronic parts containing platinum are being stolen from shipments made by Stanwide Mining Equipment Company's cargo planes, and Frank and Joe Hardy are called upon to assist their world-renowned detective father solve the baffling case.

At Stanwide the boys pose as employees, and become suspicious of the boss's hostility toward them. Is he involved in the racket? And what is the truth behind the plane crash at sea in which Clint Hill, chief pilot for Stanwide, was killed?

Frank and Joe launch an aerial search for clues to the platinum thieves' hideout, believing that they will also uncover the mystery behind Hill's accident. The puzzling trail of clues leads the young sleuths to an uninhabited Caribbean island, near the scene of the plane crash---then to a mountaintop in Montana and a danger-filled showdown with the band of thieves. But the final discover---and most startling and exciting revelation of all---is made in the boys' home town of Bayport.

Franklin W. Dixon fans will find suspense, action, and many breath-taking flying episodes in this thrilling story.




Businesses and organizations


  • "High Journey", a tune often whistled by the ghost of Clint Hill



The Great Airport Mystery Israel: Hebrew language edition of revised text, 1992, Hardcover

  • The artwork used for the revised text was originally commissioned in 1960, so a few dust jacket editions of the original version of the text from 1930 exist with the same artwork. There are also PC editions of the Original text with this artwork that are known to exist.
  • The Great Airport Mystery (revised text) has been issued in Great Britain as the 18th volume in the Collins series.
  • The revised text was also released in Israel in the 1970s using the same external and internal artwork as the Grosset & Dunlap editions. However, in 1992, the book was reissued with a picture of two boys in Boy Scouts of America uniforms, most likely from a Norman Rockwell painting considering that other Hardy Boys Original series books were issued in Israel with paintings that had Norman Rockwell's signature on the front cover. The internal artwork of this edition is the Grosset & Dunlap artwork that is available in North America. (see picture, right)


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