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The Gross Ghost Mystery is the first book in Frank and Joe Hardy: The Clues Brothers (later The Hardy Boys Are: The Clues Brothers) series. It was first published by Minstrel Books (an imprint of Simon & Schuster) in September 1997. Produced by Mega-Books, Inc.

Plot Summary


It's a real SCREAM!

Making Friends and Meeting MONSTERS!

Frank Hardy is 9, his brother Joe is 8, and they're the new kids on the block in Bayport. They're looking for new friends, and they've found one---Chet Morton. But they're also finding plenty of mystery, fun, and adventure.

A bully threw Chet's baseball mitt into a spooky old house, but all Chet sees inside are two glowing red eyes! Is it a ghost? A monster? The Hardys go on a search for clues---in a house with a skeleton, a brain and blood!


  • Takes place shortly after Fenton Hardy moves his family to Bayport from New York.


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