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The Hardy Boys was a television series, based on the novel series of the same name, co-produced by New Line Television (a division of New Line Cinema), Nelvana Ltd. (Canada), and Marathon Productions, S.A. (France) in association with Westcom Entertainment Group Ltd. of Canada.[1] It was short lived, lasting only one season of 13 episodes, between September 9th[2] and December 16th 1995.[3][4]

The show starred Paul Popowich and Colin Gray, as Joe and Frank Hardy, respectively. Unlike the books it was based on, the show had both brothers out of school. Frank works for a newspaper and Joe is in college.[1] Fiona Highet appeared in 9 out of the 13 total episodes, as a character named Kate Craigen.[4] This character was made for the show; having never appeared in The Hardy Boys novels.


1995 "The Hardy Boys" Theme Song

1995 "The Hardy Boys" Theme Song

List of episodes

Broadcast # Airdate Title
01 All That Glitters

A woman steals anothers identity, to pass off a collection of coins as her fathers.

02 September 30, 1995 Jazzman

A man doesn't appear for his own wedding, because a 40-year-old crime he witnessed has come back to haunt him.

03 October 7, 1995 A Perfect Stranger

A stolen computer file allows a woman to take credit for a complex program not legitimately hers.

04 October 14, 1995 Say Cheese

The brothers investigate why someone would want Joe's negatives for a CD cover photo shoot.

05 October 21, 1995 Smart Drugs, Stupid Mistakes

A Mafia drug deal goes sour when the Hardys get involved.

06 October 28, 1995 Telling Lies

A little boy is seeing monsters, but no one believes him. But when the monsters turn out to be real kidnappers, the Hardys have to get involved.

07 November 4, 1995 The Debt Collectors/All In The Family

Two loan sharks try to collect from a Bayport business man via means of kidnapping. The only problem - they accidentally kidnapped Joe Hardy!

08 November 11, 1995 The Curse

Joe and Frank investigate a fortune teller who seems to have put a curse on Chet.

09 November 18 1995 R.I.P.

The brothers investigate how a deceased woman's necklace ended up at a street vendor's stall.

10 November 25, 1995 Play Ball

Baseball turns deadly when blackmail gets involved. It's up to the Hardys to expose the crime.

11 December 2, 1995 Lovebirds

Joe and Frank attempt to protect a rare bird while determining why goons are after it.

12 December 9, 1995 The Last Laugh

In France to hear their father address a Criminology Conference, Frank and Joe meet Nancy Drew and investigate a purse snatching that turns out to be something more.

13 December 16, 1995 No Dice

The Hardys and Nancy Drew find a pair of dice at the scene of an accident. The Dice sets off a chain of dangerous events.

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  • Developed by
    • David Cole
  • Produced by
    • Patrick Loubert
    • Michael Klein
  • Executive Producers
    • Patrick Loubert
    • Michael Hirsh
    • Pascal Breton
    • Olivier Bremond
Source: [5]

DVD release

On May 9, 2006 kaBoom! Entertainment Inc. released, in cooperation with Nelvana Limited, The Hardy Boys: The Complete First Season 1995 series on 2-disc DVD. On the same date kaBoom also released the 1995 Nancy Drew: The Complete First Season on 2-disc DVD by itself. But, also on May 9, 2006, kaBoom also issued both sets in an a cardboard slipcase, containing both individual releases. While both sets sold for $29.99 Canadian individually, people were able to pick up both series in the combo pack for $44.99 Canadian.

Also, these two series were only released in Canada, and as of February 2009, there are no plans to release the two series in the United States or other parts of the world, but the sets contain Region 1 NTSC discs and are playable on DVD players in all Region 1 players in Canada, the United States and territories of the United States. [6]

Also, it is unknown why kaBoom called these the 'Complete First Seasons, since as far as anyone knows, these sets contain the Complete series of both shows as they were aired in 1995. However, some people have theorized that, because of the designation as Season 1, it might be possible that there are unaired episodes in Nelvana's vaults that have not been released that were produced for a Season 2 that was cancelled after a few episodes were produced. But so far, other than the title of this set, no other evidence has come to light indicating that there are additional episodes to the series that have not been released, so at this point it is unknown whether there are any episodes that exist for a Season 2 DVD release.

Other information

The people behind The Hardy Boys also produced a Nancy Drew TV series, at the same time. Nancy Drew, like The Hardy Boys had a half-hour run time, and the two shows were often booked in the same one hour time slot.[1]

To promote the TV series, the covers of books 105-121 of The Hardy Boys Casefiles series, featured photos of Paul Popowich and Colin Gray as the Hardy brothers.[1]

The series last aired, in Canada, on YTV during May-August 2006 as a replacement series, most likely to promote the release of the series on DVD. It would air Monday to Thursday, alternating each day between a Hardy Boys episode and a Nancy Drew episode, from 10:30 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.


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