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The Undercover Brothers Super Mystery series is a spin-off of the Undercover Brothers, the books in this series are slightly longer (then the books in regular series) and have more unusual plot lines. The series was launched in June 2006, with the publication of Wanted, and had a one new title published every year afterwards until the series was cancelled in 2008. Kidnapped At The Casino (2007) was the last book to actually carry the 'Super Mystery' name and too have a dual front cover.

In June 2008 it was revealed that book three, Haunted, would be a "Special Ghost Stories Edition!"[1]

This is the first Hardy Boys series to publish only one new book a year, since 1978 - starting in 1979 book were published at least twice a year. And the 14 month gap between the release of book two and book three is the one of longest in Hardy Boys history.

List of titles

1. Wanted (June 2006)
2. Kidnapped at the Casino (June 2007)
3. Haunted (August 2008) [2]


  1. Note: It should be noted that in first printings of this book the title page indicated that Haunted is the 24th book in the main The Hardy Boys Undercover Brothers series. Plus, there is no mention anywhere on/in the book of Super Mystery indicating that this book belongs in the The Hardy Boys Undercover Brothers Super Mystery series.
  2. Same as reason 1