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The Community Portal is where The Hardy Boys Wiki's community comes together to organize and discuss projects for the wiki.


April 29

The navigation sidebar has been redesigned.

February 27

Template:Character has been redesigned, and moved to Template:Infobox character.

February 25

The layout of the Community Portal is totally revamped. Discuss these changes on the talk page.

February 24

The Hardy Boys reaches and surpasses the 1,000 article mark!

February 19

The Hardy Boys Wiki celebrates it's first anniversary.

Community drive

A list of our current goals and/or our "community drive". Suggest a new drive on the talk page.
  • It is our goal here at the HB Wiki to have at least 500 articles by the end of 2008. We currently have 1,448. Completed!
  • Our current focus is on creating at least a stub article for every Hardy Boys book. Check out the project page for more info, and to learn how you can help. Completed!

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The policies and guidelines of this wiki, help keep articles uniform, which helps readers browse articles easily. It is recommened you read and follow all policies. The following is a list of key policies.


Communication is essential, in keeping the wiki running smoothly. There is various ways to communicate with other members, and they are listed below:


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