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An image description page is just that, a page which describes an image. You can view these pages by clicking image thumbnails in articles (click the the thumbnail to the right for an example). The following is a guide to creating these pages correctly.

Page set up

Use {{image info}} for a start. Copy the code below and paste it in the "Summary" section of the upload forum.

{{Image info
|other versions=

From here on, all you need to do is fill in the blanks.

  • Required fields – These fields are required for copyright reasons. Failure to fill these fields could result in the image being deleted. See The Hardy Boys Wiki:Copyrights.
    • Source – Name the source you found the image, and include a link to the webpage if possible. If the image is scanned by yourself, write something along the lines of "Personal collection of uploader".
    • Licensing – The copyright status of the image. If the image is a book cover insert {{bookcover}} in this field.
  • Recommended fields – These fields are option but highly recommended.
    • Description – A description of the image. This field can be informative and interesting to the reader.
    • Author – The person or persons who originally created the picture. Artist, designer, etc.
  • Optional fields.
    • Attention – The attention field is used to inform readers of important information about the image, for example if an image has no source, the {{no source}} tag can be used.
    • Other versions – Links to other versions of the image, such as crops of the image.

After this categorize your image by inserting [[Category:Name]]. Once you've done this your done. Now you can hit the "upload" button.

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