The word WikiProject refers to organized groups of members, who focus on specific subjects within the scope of The Hardy Boys Wiki, in an effort to improve the wiki. WikiProject page(s) are not a place to write articles, but a place to help coordinate and organize article writing. The talk pages of a WikiProject pages, serve as a place for members to discuss issues related to the WikiProject.

Start a new project

  1. Create the main project page at The Hardy Boys Wiki:Projects/Project name.
  2. Create an outline on your project page.
  3. Identify pages within the scope of your project.
  4. Create a project to-do list.
  5. If possible, link to a sample article to give other members on the HB Wiki a feel for your project's goals.

List of WikiProjects

Book stubs

This project was started by Paul Hassett, to ensure that a stub article exists for every Hardy Boys book ever published.

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