This is the place to nominate quotes you think are worthy of being spotlighted on the Main Page, as Quote of the Week.

Eligible quotes

Non-eligible quotes

  • Quotes from Hardy Boys fan fiction.
  • Quotes from Nancy Drew and Tom Swift books, and of course any non-related subject.
  • Qhotes that do not cite their sources.

How to nominate

  • New quotes should be added to the bottom of the page. Just place all quotes at the very end of the page.
  • Quotes should be posted using the following syntax:



  • Note above: the speaker token, is bracketed by three equals signs, whereas the "for" and "against" tokens are bracketed by four.
  • Also note, those who nominate a quote are expected to vote for it themselves.

When does your quote become Quote of the Week?

Once a quote has been agreed on it moves onto the queue of quotes appearing on Quote of the Week. The queue is shown by date here.

If a quote is disliked and is generally received with negative feedback it will be removed from the nominations page. Please note, when voting against a quote please state why you are doing so.


Post nominations below:

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