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The Hardy Boys are: The Clues Brothers (originally Frank and Joe Hardy: The Clues Brothers) is a series for younger children, it was published between 1997 and 2000, and tells the adventures of Frank and Joe when they first moved to Bayport. Simon & Schuster started to release the series in ebook format in mid-2013 for all readers.

The books in this series are much shorter than the books in other series and the mysteries are much more basic.

List of titles

1. The Gross Ghost Mystery
2. The Karate Clue
3. First Day, Worst Day
4. Jump Shot Detectives
5. Dinosaur Disaster
6. Who Took the Book?
7. The Abracadabra Case
8. The Doggone Detectives
9. The Pumped-Up Pizza Problem
10. The Walking Snowman
11. The Monster in the Lake
12. King for a Day
13. Pirates Ahoy!
14. All Eyes on First Prize
15. Slip, Slide, and Slap Shot
16. The Fish-Faced Mask of Mystery
17. The Bike Race Ruckus

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