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For the revised edition of this book, see The House on the Cliff (revised text).

The House on the Cliff is the second book in the original Hardy Boys series. It was first published in 1927 by Grosset & Dunlap.

Publication history

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Plot summary

Frank and Joe Hardy are investigating a mysterious old house high on the cliffs above Barmet Bay when they are frightened off by a scream. The boys return to the apparently haunted house when they make a connection between the place and a smuggling case their father is working on. When their father goes missing, they have to investigate the caves beneath the house and confront the smugglers.


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  • Bayport
    • The Polucca house (The House on the Cliff)

Businesses and organizations

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Benjamin Hoff rewrote this book as The House on the Point in 2002. ISBN 0-312-30108-1


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