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For the original version of this book, see The Mystery of Cabin Island (original text).

The Mystery of Cabin Island is the eighth book in The Hardy Boys: Original series. It was first published in 1929 by Grosset & Dunlap and updated and revised in 1966. A candidate for the revised edition was written by Anne Shultes but Anne Hagen, the editor for the Stratemeyer Syndicate rejected it and asked Andrew Svenson to write an alternative.[2]

Reading The Mystery of Cabin Island has become an annual Christmas tradition for many readers, since this is one of the only and earliest Holiday themed Hardy Boys stories.[3]

Plot summary

After the Hardys crack a car theft ring in The Shore Road Mystery, Elroy Jefferson, "a wealthy resident of Bayport"[4], offers them the use of his private retreat on Cabin Island. He also promises them another mystery to solve but in the event provides two: the Hardys must locate the whereabouts of a missing collection of highly valuable medals and also find the wealthy old man's grandson, Johnny, who has gone missing from school. Holidaying on Cabin island with pals Chet Morton and Biff Hooper, the boys are repeatedly harangued by shady Mr. Hanleigh who is simply paying their cabin too much attention!




Businesses and organizations


  • The Sea Gull, the Hardys' ice boat
  • The Hawk, Tad Carson and Ike Nash's ice boat

Special Editions

  • In 2004 Grosset & Dunlap released a special "bevelled" edition in the flashlight edition, but instead of the cover being very smooth, the book has a cover that feels like the PC editions of the 1962-1986 era. This format was discontinued in 2005.

Foreign Editions

  • While the original text of The Mystery of Cabin Island had been published in 1953 by Harold Hill, the revised text would not be published until 1973 as the 26th book in the Collins series. Collins later reissued the book under its paperback children's imprint, Armada.


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