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The Paris Connection is the sixth book in Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys SuperMystery series. It was first published in April 1990 by Archway Paperbacks (an imprint of Simon & Schuster).

Back cover summary

NANCY DREW flies to Paris to help rock idol Johnny Crockett. His World Hunger Rock Tour is being attacked by a rash of vicious pranks that threaten to shut down the charity event. As soon as Nancy arrives she find that the problem may be more than a simple case of dirty tricks. The tour's financial records ahve been stolen -- and the handsome rock star could be facing a career-ending scandal.


FRANK AND JOE HARDY are in Paris for a conference on art thefts. After bumping into Nancy at the airport, the brother detectives run into a bundle of heavy trouble. They spot their old nemesis Fiona Fox and realize that the City of Lights is about to be hit by a one-girl crime wave. And to make things worse, Joe seems dazzled by the lovely cat burglar.[1]


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