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"The Secret Room" is the tenth episode of season one of the 2020 Hulu original series The Hardy Boys.


Official episode premise for "The Secret Room" from Hulu:

After gaining access to George Estabrook’s Secret Room, Frank and Joe take their great-grandfather’s journal and maps to learn more about The Eye. Despite Frank warning them of danger, Joe and Biff strike out alone to find the Chamber of the Eye. Meanwhile, Callie grows increasingly suspicious and jealous of Stacy, upsetting Chet in the process. Frank confronts Stacy and discovers the truth behind her move to Bridgeport.

Plot summary

Joe and Frank unlock their grandfather's study

Frank and Joe enter their great-grandfather’s study. It’s filled with maps, books, and ancient artifacts. Frank says that the room seems more like a collection of curiosities than it does a supply closet of the Eye’s armory. Joe states that they’ve made it further than their mother. They entered the room in search of answers but have only found more questions. Frank looks over a map while Joe reads an entry from George’s journal. Both of which they decide to take with them before leaving the study.

Callie follows Stacy home. She looks through Stacy’s window and watches as she hands all her belongings off to her aunt and uncle as if they’re her personal servants.

Joe confronts Biff at Wilt’s for taking the Eye from the speaker in the movie theater. Biff admits that she has it. She did it as a means to protect Joe, who had been abducted by JB. Biff moved it so that JB would never find it. She also recalls how Joe said that he didn’t like knowing where it’s at, and now he doesn't.

Callie reports her findings to Chet — how Stacy handed her homework off to her aunt and her belongings off to her uncle and treats both like workers. Chet still isn’t convinced that Stacy isn't who she says she is, reasoning that everyone is going through their own struggles. Callie mentions how Stacy is always flirting with Frank, which alarms Chet. Callie got Stacy’s phone number from another girl at school and wants Chet to call her house posing as a market researcher. When Chet refuses, Callie calls herself, pretending to be a librarian. When Stacy answers, Callie asks to speak with the homeowner. Stacy says no and hangs up.

Joe reads another entry of George’s journal: “With the Eye in three pieces, we can only use it when we agree. When our motivations are aligned, and we can see all the consequences of our actions. I am glad to be free of the temptation to use it. But I still find myself wanting to. Just to look. I feel blind without it, and I went to be the only person who sees.” From this, Frank and Joe agree that the Eye is dangerous and that they’re better off if it’s never put back together. Frank reads a separate entry: “Ahmed tells me that he’s been speaking to his brother. The brother that was swept away by a flood when he was a child. He doesn’t know if the Eye is showing him an illusion, or what lies beyond, and he doesn’t care as long as he can see what he wants.”

JB holds the Khan piece in his hand while playing a game of solitaire. He instantly starts to realize what it’s capable of.

Joe arrives at Wilt’s in search of his jacket. Wilt reveals that he hung it up on the rack. Joe retrieves his jacket, and as he is leaving, JB approaches, disguised as a random civilian. He reveals that he has the Khan piece of the Eye. He suspects it's magic and asks Joe what else it is capable of. Joe claims that he doesn’t know just how powerful it is. After discovering the Eye’s potential, JB wants to collect all three pieces and put them back together, which Joe advises him against.

Stacy asks Callie why she called her last night. When Callie tries to deny calling her, Stacy reveals that her study partner, Amanda, said that she gave Callie her number. Callie reluctantly admits that she called Stacy. She claims that wanted to apologize for being weird to Stacy and got scared at the last moment.

Trudy calls Jesse as she hasn’t heard from her and apologizes for acting so odd the day before. There are things she wants to tell Jesse but says that it’s complicated.

Frank and Stacy are partnered up in class. Frank states that he’s been preoccupied as of late and has a lot on his mind. Stacy asks what’s bothering him. Frank reveals that he has to trust someone that he knows he shouldn’t trust and doesn’t know how to proceed. Stacy’s motto is never trust anyone. Throughout her entire life, all her family has ever done is lie to her. So, she had to learn the hard way. Stacy continues to push to see what else Frank is willing to tell her, claiming that she wants to help, but Frank says that he’ll figure this out on his own, as it’s a family matter.

Callie and Frank stake out Stacy's house

After class, Frank tells Callie that she might be right about Stacy and asks Calle to tell him all she knows. Callie takes Frank to Stacy’s, and they watch her house with binoculars from across the street. Frank inquires about Callie and Chet, as he can sense the tension between them, but she doesn’t want to talk about it. Frank and Callie watch as Stacy hits her uncle just before he and her aunt remove their jackets, exposing the guns around their waist.

Callie wants to go to the police with their findings but Frank argues that they should wait until they know exactly what Stacy is up to. Frank admits that Callie was right about Stacy, and she tells him to never doubt her again.

After Callie leaves, Frank joins Trudy downstairs for chips and soda. Trudy had plans with Jesse, but she never showed up. Trudy suspects that Jesse is mad because she knows that she is being lied to. Trudy changes the subject to Frank and his relationships. She advises him to always be upfront and honest.

At Wilt’s, Callie reveals to Chet how she and Frank took his aunt’s car to spy on Stacy and how her aunt and uncle had guns. Chet doesn’t seem interested. He’s only concerned with the time Callie has been spending with Frank. He can tell that she likes him because of how she behaves when she’s around him. And so, Chet breaks up with Callie.

Frank shares with Joe how Stacy is up to something. Joe suspects that maybe Stacy running over the Tall Man wasn’t an accident and that she set up the entire incident. Joe goes on to suggest that they stop investigating. But first he wants to find the piece that they lost and destroy it. George said that they broke it in the place that they found it. He thought that they could destroy it there as well. Joe then grabs the map and points to the ley lines — lines of energy that run across the entire world. And the places where they meet have some sort of mystic power. Three lines intersect at Demon’s Paw. However, to destroy it they would have to go into the collapsed mines, which Frank immediately rules out, as it is too dangerous. Rather than destroying it, Frank wants to use the stone to see their mother. Joe argues that it would only be an illusion. Furthermore, their mom would be disappointed in them to learn that they’re using the very same stone she set out to destroy.

Frank meets Stacy at Wilt’s and confronts her about all of his findings. Wilt briefly interrupts to take their order, but Frank says that he doesn’t want anything. After Wilt leaves, Frank asks her about the Tall Man, which Stacy insists was an accident. He then asks about her gun toting aunt and uncle. Stacy reveals that her real name is Anastasia Nabokov. Daughter of Victor Nabokov. However, she’s not part of the Circle and has no desire to be, as she suspects that someone from it killed both her father and Frank’s mother. As for her aunt and uncle, Stacy reveals those are bodyguards hired by her father, but Frank is having trouble believing her. Stacy reveals that she never really got to know her father. He sent her away to a boarding school when she was a toddler for her own protection. And then he died before she could get to know him. She came to Bridgeport to fight for her father’s memory. Much like Laura, Stacy wants to expose the Circle. She then kisses Frank as Callie watches from outside the door.

Joe tells Biff that he needs the Eye so that he can destroy it. She hid it in the boiler room, where no one would find it.

Chet arrives at Wilt’s while Frank is stocking the shelves. He reveals that he and Callie broke up. Frank asks what happened. Chet replies “You did.” Phil then enters the shop and orders a strawberry malt. Frank offers him a free float and tells him to go pick a soda. With Phil distracted, Frank tells Chet that nothing happened between him and Callie. Chet knows this true and leaves.

Biff asks Joe how he intends to destroy his piece of the Eye. Joe explains that his great-grandfather’s journal says that the Eye can be broken or re-forged only in the Chamber of the Eye, which the ley lines will lead them to, though the chamber is underground. Joe recalls how his piece helped him at the carnival and wants to use it to lead them to the chamber.

Frank visits Gloria and asks her about the Nabokov’s piece of the Eye. Gloria presumed that it was in Victor’s possession, but she learned recently that he died. He supposedly died of natural causes, but Gloria doesn’t believe so. Frank suspects that he was killed by someone who wanted his piece of the Eye, perhaps Mrs. Khan or even Gloria, though she denies having anything to do with Nabokov's death. Gloria explains that she’s been looking for her piece to the Eye with such ferocity because she’s been thinking about her successor, that being Frank.

Joe and Biff follow the map in hopes of finding the Chamber of the Eye, but they lose their sense of direction and argue over which direction they should go. So, Joe takes out his piece of the Eye and it leads him to the chamber, similar to a compass.

Jesse shows up at the Hardy’s house uninvited. She asks about Biff, who was supposed to be home hours ago but never showed up.

The Eye leads Joe and Biff to a field and the ground below them collapses.


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  • George Estabrook's Journal entry: With The Eye in three pieces, we can only use it when we agree. When our motivations are aligned, and we can see all the consequences of our actions. [..] I am glad to be free of the temptation to use it. But I still find myself wanting to. Just to look. I feel blind without it, and I want to be the only person who sees.
  • George Estabrook's Journal entry: Ahmed tells me that he's been speaking to his brother. The brother that was swept away by a flood when he was a child. He doesn't know if The Eye is showing him an illusion, or what lies beyond, and he doesn't care, as long as he can see what he wants.
  • Stacy to Frank: I call it realistic. I come from a messed-up family. They lied to me, like, all the time. So, I learned the hard way.
  • Chet to Callie: No, but she could just be going through something. Like, she can't get into the prep school she wants to get into, or her mom died. Or her family's farm's in trouble. What I'm saying is, everybody has stress. And just because they have it doesn't mean it's suspicious.
  • Stacy to Frank: I am not a part of the Circle. I never was, and I never will be. Growing up, my father told me all about The Eye. Its power, its history. It was all so beautiful and important. Right up until he was killed for it.
  • Stacy to Frank: I never knew my father, Frank. Not the way you knew your mother. He sent me to boarding school when I was a toddler. He hid me away for my own protection. But then he died before I could get to know him.
  • Stacy to Frank: I'm here because if I don't fight for my father's memory, then I have nothing left.