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For the revised edition of this book, see The Secret Warning (revised text).

The Secret Warning is the 17th book in The Hardy Boys series. It was first published in 1938 by Grosset & Dunlap.

Publication history

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Plot summary

The Hardy Boys have to tackle Gus Kuntz's sinister plans when diving for sunken treasure in the wreck of the Katawa.[2]


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New authorship theory

For many years it was accepted that the sole author of this volume was Dr. John Button[1][2]. Recently, however, Hardy Boys fan Trevor Thurlow has speculated that this was not the case.[3][4] He believes that writing styles indicate that Leslie McFarlane may have written an early manuscript that was rejected, but then recycled and copied into a new manuscript that also copied and recycled parts of a manuscript written by Dr. John Button. He supports this theory with the fact that Leslie McFarlane mentioned, in his autobiography Ghost of the Hardy Boys, that he remembered working on the book, but couldn't remember any of the details surrounding the creation or the plot of the book.[5] Also, the story that the incarcerated Navy officer tells the Hardy Boys on pages 104-106 is written and structured in a manner that is extremely similar to the way Leslie McFarlane had Amos Grice telling the boys the stories about Mr. Jeffereson's stamps and the chicken thieves that hit Grice's store on Christmas night/Boxing Day morning in The Mystery of Cabin Island (original text).


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