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The Secret of the Island Treasure is the 100th book in The Hardy Boys series and the 41st book in the Digest line. It was first published in February 1990 by Minstrel Books (an imprint of Simon & Schuster).

Plot summary

The site of the Hardys first case, Tower Mansion, is being turned into a bunch of condos, and Hurd Applegate has invited the Hardys to see it intact one last time. But then, when the boys and Mr. Applegate go into the tower where Hurd Applegate is going to have a condo, a workman uncovers a secret room. It turns out that this was Hurd and Adelia Applegate's father's secret workroom, and in the cubby hole of an ancient desk, the Hardys and Applegate discover a map for an island out in the middle of Barmet Bay with an X marked on it. What does the X mean, and what could be out there? And when the boys and Applegate get out to the island, who sets their boat afloat out into Barmet Bay?


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  • This book only had 3 printings. The first was in February 1990, with the second printing later in 1990. The third printing appeared in a box set with volumes 99, 101 & 102.


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