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The Secret of the Old Mill is the third book in The Hardy Boys Original series. It was first published by Grosset & Dunlap in 1927 and revised in 1962. Produced by the Stratemeyer Syndicate.

Plot summary

Internal summary:[2]

"Drop case or else danger for you and your family." This warning addressed to Fenton Hardy not only alarms the famous investigator and his detective sons, but also puzzles them, because Mr. Hardy is working on more than one case. Which one prompted the threat?

When more ominous warnings follow, Frank and Joe suspect that there is a link between the counterfeiting case they are investigating and a secret case their father cannot discuss since it involves national security.

The key to the solution of both cases appear to be hidden in the old Turner mill, constructed in frontier days but now a gatehouse for Elekton Controls Limited, engaged in manufacturing top-secret electronic parts for space missiles. But the mill house is occupied by two Elekton employees who are hostile to Frank and Joe and refuse to allow the young detectives to question the company's fourteen year-old messenger boy who unknowingly may be in possession of some vital clues.

Determined to learn the secret of the old mill, Frank and Joe employ a clever ruse to gain entrance, only to find themselves trapped in a subterranean passageway. How the young detectives extricate themselves from this dangerous situation and unravel both mysteries will keep the reader tense with suspense.


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