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The Stone Idol is the 65th book in The Hardy Boys series. It was first published in 1981 by Simon & Schuster's Wanderer Books.

Plot summary

From "When an ancient stone idol disappears, the Hardy Boys are off on another fast-paced adventure. It's a mystery that takes the boys from a primitive village in the Andes Mountains to Antarctica and finally to Easter Island. By using their fine investigative skills, the Hardy Boys find that the mystery of the stone idol is not what it seems!"


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  • Bayport
  • Antartica
  • Byrd Base
  • Outpost 1

Businesses and organizations

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  • A sequel to this book appeared the following year (1982) when Track of the Zombie was released as the person who brings the Hardy's into the case in that book, is the nephew of Bertrand, the co-owner of South American Antiquities in this book.


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